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This is the second single of Stralüsh's second EP Bay Petsy. When Simone was a kid, he loved the original piece by the famous swing clarinet player Benny Goodman. He listened to it over and over because he heard it in the movie “Swing Kids,” a movie he still watches sometimes. When he proposed to Marco to cover it, he naturally agreed without hesitation. The reference recording is the historical “Live at Carnegie Hall” from 1938. The Stralüsh version has some electro-swing character, but not only. The structure of the piece is very rhapsodic, something very atypical in electronic music.

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gàbola means “problem” in our dialect and this is probably the most angry piece of the EP. The synth bass is the protagonist and has a lot to tell. It reminds a little of a real person speaking. In the middle part, a distorted bass clarinet takes the scene back. The good listener will also be able to identify some crickets from Tuscany and a Swiss train squeak.

some excerpts from our concert nr. - 1

This is the first piece ever produced together as Stralüsh. It has a warm, Earth-like character for us. “Tèra” means “Earth” in our dialect. It originates from little pieces of Marco’s improvisations that Simone put together with the electronic parts. It’s a pretty minimalistic piece with very defined elements.

The swiss television honored us by using our music for the trailer of the serie: "emma lügt".

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