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Stralüsh is an electrifying electro-duo comprised of Simone Menozzi on piano and electronics, and Marco Santilli on bass clarinet. Hailing from the picturesque region of Ticino, southern Switzerland, both musicians have roots in classical music, with Marco bringing an extensive background in jazz to the mix. This fusion of classical and jazz expertise, coupled with their exploration of electronic sounds, creates a truly unique experience during Stralüsh's live performances.

In June 2022, they unveiled their debut EP, aptly titled "Stralüsh." Their second release, "Bay Patsy" (February 2024), is a sonic journey that pushes boundaries and ignites the senses.

The first EP ventures into uncharted territory featuring exclusively original compositions. Meanwhile, the second EP, "Bay Patsy," showcases the duo's artistic prowess with five captivating adaptations of classics such as "Tetris," "Cantina Band" (Star Wars), "Sing Sing Sing" (Benny Goodman), "Fever" (Peggy Lee), and "Eleanor Rigby" (The Beatles).

A third EP is planned for release in June 2024, featuring all original pieces once again.

Brace yourself!

Stralüsh translates to "lightning" in Swiss-Italian, a unique dialect spoken in the Canton of Ticino. This linguistic twist adds an extra layer of charm to the duo's identity, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry from which they draw inspiration. Get ready to be swept away by the electrifying and genre-blurring sounds of Stralüsh!


"This time, we will have to delve into a musical realm unexplored by most of us, never heard anything like it... A sound so refined, so dark, so mysterious... Every track on their eponymous EP is in Ticino dialect, a choice as unusual as it is intriguing. But in general, this duo is anything but predictable: piano, electronics and bass clarinet manage to create an atmosphere from another world or dimension. Listening is believing!"BanZ on Air, Swiss Radio - Rete Tre


"Stralüsh succeed in re-imagining the order of familiar elements such as bass clarinet, electronics and piano, giving it contrasts that had hitherto been little explored. The contrast between a language system as circumscribed as dialect and the total absence of a verb in their songs adds an additional layer of fascination and terrifying sagacity to this musical project that is difficult to escape."Alessandro Pironaci, Corriere del Ticino

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