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Stralüsh is the name of the Zurich-based duo from Ticino, as well as their debut EP.
No one has yet been able to identify the precise style of this eclectic combination of sounds. Some call it dark trance jungle breakbeat jazz techno alternative. They, however, prefer to think in terms of what sounds good, combining bass clarinet, piano and electronics. The result is waiting to be discovered.

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Stralüsh - Griis
from the first EP "Stralüsh" - 2022

Griis means grey. It starts with dark, techno influences, but it opens up in the middle to more colorful and peaceful atmospheres. It’s also the result of excerpts of Marco’s improvisations, deconstructed and recomposed by Simone.

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"...never heard anything like it... A sound so refined, so dark, so mysterious..."
(BanZ on Air, Swiss Radio - Rete Tre)

"...fascination and terrifying sagacity (...) that is difficult to escape."
(Alessandro Pironaci, Corriere del Ticino)

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